LZW60 4 in 1 Sensor Power Usage Data

Reading through the documentation for this sensor, I can’t find the power information anywhere for what the voltage/amperage and power use is when running on line power. Does anyone have that information?

It connects via USB so I assume 5V with a max draw of 500mA. Any old cell charger should be adequate.

I did some testing a while back on the power usage while on battery power, and this is what I came up with:

From my own tests, I found that the sensor draws about 0.02ma when idle (asleep), and around 31ma when transmitting while on battery power. I dont have an accurate way to measure power usage over time though (and the sensor appears to draw more power over USB than it does via battery.

The USB tester I have is not accurate enough to give me good results when plugged in, but it appears to draw less than 0.01a @5v when idle, and about 0.02a when transmitting. This device draws very little power, and since USB power supplies are required to provide at least 500ma, any power supply should be more than capable.

The thing to worry about is if you intend to power it from one of those USB battery banks. If your USB battery bank turns itself off automatically when it senses no current, it will likely not work with this sensor due to the low power consumption…