LZW60 adjust humidity and temp reporting interval

I have a Inovelli LZW60 4-in-1 sensor, how do I change the reporting time of the humidity and temperature in Home Assistant? I see the parameters in the manual. There are no Configuration Parameters in the Z-Wave control panel in Home Assistant.

Home assistant currently uses an old version of Openzwave that is no longer supported. Because of this, newer devices will not show any config parameters without some additional work.

The easiest solution (other than waiting for Home Assistant to update the version of OZW they are using), would be to tell HA to look in a different location for all the device configurations.

At one point, @petro converted the inovelli config files into a 1.4 compatible format, and posted some instructions on how to set everythihng up here. HOWEVER… these instructions have not been updated to include the 4-in-1 sensor yet.

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