LZW60 - allow disabling of LED

I’d like to request that the LED be able to turn off for when motion is detected and just in general.

My reasoning:

  • I saw in the forum that someone wanted to use it in their baby’s room and that the LED was distracting. Personally, I also find the LED distracting at night.

  • I was helping set up a jewish friend of mine and he brought up an interesting concern: on the sabbath he’s not allowed to activate lights (like the one in the sensor). For religious reasons he wouldn’t be able to enter a room where there’s an LED that actives on motion. The Aeotec 6 multisensor does allow disabling the LED, so I assume it could be possible on the LZW60.

This straightforward QOL improvement could immediately open up a new demographic.

Not sure what hub you are using, but in habitat you can set the LED level to 0 for light on and light off which is the same thing as turning the LED off.

I use Home Assistant with the OpenZWave beta. I’ve never used Hubitat, so I did some googling and this person says that it isn’t adjustable (from 7 months ago): https://azhb.com/inovelli-4-in-1-sensor-review/ (in the table, about halfway down).

Assuming you use Hubitat, could you confirm their claim? I would be willing to set Hubitat up if I could make the change and then re-connect the sensor back to my HASS setup.

I think maybe @dvellek is referring to our switches which have this capability. As far as I’m aware, our sensors do not have this capability.

We can see about adding this to a beta release for sure.

@EricM_Inovelli – can you add this to our github?

Yep, I have added it.