LZW60 PIR trigger time

I just purchased the LZW60 sensor. It works great and i am able to poll the multi sensor without issue. However i did notice that the min PIR trigger time is 5 seconds.

One of the reasons why i purchased this sensor over the ones already in the market is that I wanted a USB powered device so i can crank up the PIR trigger time (without caring about battery performance). My use case is to enable a light to turn on almost instantly when i enter the room. This is to replace an existing (non smart) motion activated light switch.

A wait of up to 5 seconds is a little unacceptable compared to the switch i am replacing. Is there any other method of reducing this wait time?

I think the PIR Trigger time determines how long the signal is latched when motion is detected. It doesnt matter if set to 5 seconds or 30 seconds, it will still trigger motion as soon as motion is detected, but will not send an “clear” message to your hub until 5 (or 30) seconds after motion has stopped.

Correct - All motion sensors trigger immediately when motion is detected. The wait is between retriggers - so every 5 seconds it will report if motion is active.

humm. so far it takes quite some time to detect motion and for the light switch to respond. i thought it may have been related to the PIR trigger time. I will need to investigate further with home assistant.

thanks for the quick replies!