Mailbox door sensor

A mailbox door sensor that will work in a metal mailbox. Needs a tilt switch that mounts to the mailbox door with a short wire so the battery operated Z-wave transmitter can be mounted outside of the mailbox. If the Z-wave transmitter is inside a metal box, the signal usually can’t reach the house.

I have one of these inside my metal mailbox wired through the bottom to one of these mounted underneath (out of direct rain). It’s worked well for over a year with outdoor temps between 101 and -30f.

Thanks @Terk, did you have to solder the wires or did the Ecolink device have screw terminals?

It has screw terminals.

What distance is it working at? I have the same contact sensors I use for other projects but my concern was the zwave range to the house?

It is maybe 40 feet to the outside wall with the nearest Z-wave repeater just on the other side of that wall. Here are a couple pictures of the setup.

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