Making sure I wired this 3-gang box correctly

Electrician wired a fan/light combo and a switched outlet into a 3-gang box (1 for fan, 1 for light, 1 for outlet)

The outlet is on a different breaker than the fan/light, and the outlet is only a single 14/2 so is not providing a neutral.

Am I correct that i can just nut the 14/2 together (making the outlet permenantly on) then put a black series on/off in the switched outlet’s location in the gang box wired to the fan/light power line.

At this point i can use the black series as just a remote to toggle a wifi/zigbee/z-wave item in the future (essentially just using the switch as a home assistant toggle switch).

  1. Just making sure the black series works fine with nothing connected to the load terminal
  2. Making sure there isn’t a way to force the black series to not energize that terminal (not that it is a problem if it does, just not necessary anymore)

That black switch will work fine as a scene controller. Just need hot and neutral.

I wouldn’t worry about it, but you could disable local control on the switch by pressing the config button 8x