Merch Feedback Thread

Finally getting around to something I’ve had on the back burner for a long time. Many people have asked and I’ve received a ton of DM’s over the years asking about Inovelli merch. From shirts, to mugs, to tumblers, screwdrivers, you name it, I’m sure it’s been suggested lol.

Well, I’ve acquired a heat press as well as a sublimation printer and oven and I’d like to kick off a thread looking for feedback as well as suggestions on what you’d like to see offered.

I know artwork and design is subjective, so I’m anticipating feedback that could go both ways and just want to say that it’s ok if you don’t like it. I won’t be offended, I promise.

The goal of this thread is to come up with some ideas together and/or build off current ones that I’ve had some local artists as well as myself work on.

We’ll start with the shirts for now as many of the designs will be used on other merch.

Please go through this form below and answer the questions if you have some time (or go to the following link: Inovelli Shirt Rating Form - Microsoft Forms)

Additionally, if you have an idea that you’d like to see implemented, let me know and I’ll do my best to make it come to life. If we go with your idea, I’ll send you a shirt on me!

Lastly, I am exploring the more basic options like just slapping a logo on a Nike (or other brands) shirt, but these are more custom ideas.

Looking forward to your feedback :slight_smile:

PS - You guys like my hair?


My Inovelli travel mug is a favorite in my household - three of us are always fighting over it. High quality mug that looks cool and sophisticated. You should definitely make these available. I’ll probably pick up a couple of more just to stop the bickering.


Yeah I love those too. I’m trying to find a cost effective way to get them out lol. I outsourced those and I think they came in at like $10 above retail after all is said and done. So, we’d have to sell them at another $5-10 above retail (looking at like a $60 Yeti mug).

That brings up a question that I do want to eventually ask, which is what the consensus is on mug/tumbler brands.

I’ve always been a Yeti fan, but I’m open to other brands. I actually just picked up a Stanley and it’s been my go to now.

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Another small startup that I deal with had a bunch of genuine Yeti tumblers made for rewards for their early customers. I would personally never spend Yeti-sized money on a travel cup, but that thing kept water on my office desk so cold and still had ice left after 8 hours. Sold me on Yeti, and I subsequently bought two more [non-customized] cups directly from Yeti…price be darned…

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I’ve had a reliable source tell me RTIC and Yeti are made in the same factory. That said I only care about the 64oz options, and even that gets refilled multiple times a day.

This might be shot in the dark here, but Linus from LMG was just talking about making merch for creator on his pod cast. You guys are creator, maybe not YouTube creator, maybe it worth a short talking with his team about Merch?

Please tell me with water and not Mt. Dew.

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Yep. Water and/or Crystal Light. I prefer a smart home budget to a Mt. Dew budget :slight_smile:

I was more worried for your kidneys.


I would buy a Inovelli Yeti mug! Red series and blue series mugs would be super cool.


I’ve always been a huge Yeti fan, but I got a BruMate for the wife and I really like it. Their Hopsulator Trio is a 3 in 1. It’s a 16oz tumbler and also a can cooler for the large energy drink cans plus has an icepack insert to reduce the size to fit a standard beer errr I mean pop can.
Hopsulator Trio | Azure | 12/16oz Standard Cans (

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An “installation kit” with screwdriver and lineman’s pliers would be my suggestion.

I’d like to lodge a complaint that the yeti keeps my coffee TOO HOT for TOO LONG. At some point I need to be able to drink said coffee, but it’s still HOT after like 2 hours from putting it in if I have the lid on it. I need my wakey wakey juice before I have to do real life.

No, I’m not overly sensitive OR kidding.

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