Min / Max Dim Level logic

@Eric_Inovelli Thanks Inovelli team for all the great work. Question on the minimum and maximum dimming parameters. This is going to sound confusing but here goes… It could be a bug… Maybe.

Using supported Philips Par20 bulbs I have found no visible difference in brightness beyond about 60-65%. So my assumption is that setting my maximum level (parameter 10) to 65% should help improve dimming function.

Based on feedback from an earlier thread, I believe this should result in the new 100% being equivalent to what was 65%. However, the new 100% is visibly dimmer than that. To validate, I then restored parameter 10 to 100%., and dimmed the bulbs down to 65%. This should result in no change to brightness as I understand it, but it actually results in the bulbs going brighter - which shouldn’t happen because the bulbs should have already been at their visible maximum.

Nudge. Thanks in advance.

@Eric_Inovelli @Eric_Inovelli

I think we’d need to see voltage readings or something to validate what you are seeing, but you are correct in your understanding that setting max at 65% means that 65% is the new 100%.

I don’t have an easy way to do this. But optically it’s very apparent to me that this isn’t happening. There must be some other logic that is being employed by the switch.

Noted. I’ll see if I see the same thing once I get my test setup back up and running.

Ty… Any luck with this?

It seems I am seeing the same on my end as well. Seeing different voltages on load side with 65% vs max leve 65% and setting to 100%.

Thanks for bringing this to our attention!