Most reliable dimmable LED bulbs

Ok, so I know about the bulb compatibility app, but I have tried at least the GE light bulbs that are dimmable and have been tested. Unfortunately, I still get flickering occurring even at 40% or so. At least one of the bulbs is more susceptible to flickering than the others, but it’s a bummer frankly. Before I go spending more money on other bulb brands, are there particular ones that are more compatible or reliable than the GE bulbs?

I have about 40 Inovelli LZW42 bulbs that are coming up on 4 years old. Only 1 failure in that time. I would say that is reliable in my opinion. Put your switches in SmartBulb Mode, use Z-Wave Associations and boom, no more flickering and RGBWW to boot!

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If budget isn’t an issue, it’s hard to beat Philips Hue for smart bulbs. They’re basically considered the gold standard as far as smart bulbs go.


Yeah, I do love Philips bulbs and have many in other locations in the house. In the particular location that I’m deploying the switch, I have four bulbs in a fixture. Thus I was worried about binding that many bulbs and whether they would all switch on/off when the dimmer switch is pressed, etc. Thus the dumb bulbs. But maybe I should look into this.

I’m seeing failures of LED bulbs not only with a dumb dimmer switch, but with a dumb on-off motion switch. I assume the GE bulbs are higher end - the two that I pulled to check are low-end Ecosmart bulbs from Home Depot that lasted around 5 years. So I’m interested in hearing the recommendations here, but not because of anything that’s attached to my Inovelli switches…

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I had 6 super cheap sengled bulbs bound to 1 blue switch and every so often 1 wouldn’t turn on when I tapped the switch. A second tap always solved this. I’d be much less worried with 4 bulbs, especially 4 high end bulbs like hue.

If it’s dumb bulbs you’re looking for, I’ve got no clue. I’ve been on smart bulbs for a while now. lol

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Group binding should solve this problem as well if your hub supports it.

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That was group binding with Z2M. But I don’t think it’s an issue with binding as much as it is with the bulbs being crap lol

Sounds like the bulbs for sure then. I’ve got group binding with 8 hue bulbs and separate group with 4 ikea kitchen strips and all of those work fine with Z2M.