Move LZW30 switch from 1 pole to 3 pole setup


Here is my story. I first installed my LZW30 in a single pole setup and it worked fine. Then I purchased additional z wave switches and wanted to change the places of these switches. The primary motive was, since LZW30 supports 3 pole setup, I wanted to use them where I have a 3 way setup. When I switched them around, it did not work properly. I did verify my wiring and looks fine for me. So before I investigate this further, I wanted to understand if there is any kind of memory for these devices. Is the device still thinking it’s in a single pole setup even after I moved it to a 3 pole setup?

Anyone done this before ? Appreciate ur help in this

Try resetting the device. Unfortunately the on/off devices are supposed to automatically figure out single or 3 way.

How do I reset the switch ?

Perhaps a “Factory Reset” this might do the trick…

After doing factory reset, it started working. Thanks for the help.