Multiple black series dimmers used for 3way


Is it possible to use multiple Smart black series dimmers in a 3way or 4way setup? Or do I need to buy aux switches also?


From everything in the documentation that I’ve read, no.

In order to have multiple smart switches in the same 3- or 4- pole setup, they have to be scene capable. They’re wired such that the first switch has the line and load, the other two have a constant line and neutral sent to them - they have no direct control of the load. You would then associate them to the main switch, so that when you press one end of the paddle, it sends the scene notification to the hub or the main switch. The red series are the only scene-capable switches.

You’d have to have one black dimmer, and multiple aux switches in each light circuit.

You can also try them with dumb switches, instead of aux switches, but a number of us are having difficulties with the dumb switch setup as detailed in the numerous posts on the community. I would suggest that you be prepared/budgeted for aux switches, but then try with the existing dumb switches, first.

Thanks for the reply. I had a feeling that was the answer. I just ordered 105 smart switches for my house. I should’ve checked into this first. I guess I’ll be sending some back and ordering GE add on switches for the 3 and 4 ways.

Before I order these aux switches do you know if the ge 2nd gen will work?


I sure hope so, because that’s what I’ve ordered. Couldn’t pass up the sale on two-packs.

From everything I’ve read on it, there doesn’t appear to be much of an electronic difference to how the switch operates from Gen 1 to Gen 2.

Perfect! Thanks for all of your help!

@Stoph80 - Yes the 12723 work just fine. I have 9 installed.


Ok so I installed a a black series dimmer and a GE Add on switch. The add on switch will only turn off the light and it doesn’t matter what side of the paddle I hit. Both just turn it off. Neither will turn it on. I did read on other posts about re setting parameter 21 and that should fix the issue? What do I tap after I hit the config button 12 times? I think that is the correct parameter I have to change? Thanks

@Stoph80 - I used Hubitat to change my configs. I’m not sure how many taps on the paddle to change it. However, my did the same until I made that change.

Hi Tundrageek. If I read this right I could use one red series dimmer for the load control, and black (or gen 1 dimmers) for the aux switches? We’re finding we want dimmer control at all points now…

Hi there. No. The others have to be red series for the scene control - they have no direct interaction with the load. They’ll just be sitting there with line in and neutral doing nothing but reporting via Z-wave scene commands to the hub or directly associated, over Z-Wave, to the dimmer.

One thing I’m not completely clear on is the dimmer that controls the load - it might be possible for that to be a black series, but I’m not sure. I’d plan for it to be red series as well.

I was able to change parameter 21 to Using a Neutral on the switch itself and that fixed the issue. I am able to switch on/off and dim from aux switch. I have a bunch more 3 and 4 way setups to install. Does anybody know if I am able to change these settings in SmartThings IDE? It would be much easier and quicker. Thanks

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