My new really, really Red Series LZW36

Inovelli doesn’t have any Red Series switches in stock to sell, but they do have really, really Red Series products ready to ship! My really, really Red LZW36 shipment arrived on Monday, and I installed it (and a matching red Decora faceplate from Amazon) this morning.

Screen Shot 2022-04-27 at 1.10.16 PM

Screen Shot 2022-04-27 at 1.10.57 PM

My DW painted red and black accent stripes on the wall while I was in the hospital 6 years ago, and the wall switch height put it in the red stripe band where white stood out like a sore thumb. I also ordered the really, really Gray Series paddle, which I may try out since the wall’s base/main color is gray and it might be another non-sore-thumb option on this rather unique wall…