My Red Series Switch is squealing

Anyone had their Red Series switch (LZW30-SN) start squealing? Mine started doing it today. It only makes the high pitched squealing sound when the relay is turned on. I was curious if it had to do with my wiring, so I checked for loose connections but didn’t find any. I then disconnected the load, but it demonstrated the same behavior. Then I decided to remove it, power it via zip cord, and plug it into a different circuit. Still happens. I think it’s the switch. Curious if anyone else has observed that behavior. I’ll be contacting support for replacement.

Listen here (turn your volume up!)

For what it’s worth, I now have 6 of these switches installed, but this is the only one that has started making noise.

Definitely have not heard that pitch come out of the Red On/Off switches. May just need a RMA. @Eric_Inovelli

@wsdavis - I got you. We’ll get this swapped out. Saw your ticket as well and either @Courtney_Inovelli or myself will send an RMA first thing on Monday.

Sorry about the squealing!

where in the video (timestamp) are the squeals?

@sean_trini - It’s within the first few seconds. It’s a high pitched frequency. Almost sounds like a Halloween sound.

Thanks @Eric_Inovelli!

@harjms, thanks… sadly i still can’t hear it. On the bright side, it won’t be a problem i ever need worry about. :joy:

I’m having the exact same issue with a Red On/Off (LZN30-SN) I just installed - it makes the same squeal when the relay is on. I’ve installed two so far, but only one is making the noise.

I’m curious - was yours in a 3-way configuration? My noiseless switch is a standard config but the squealy one is 3-way wired with a dumb switch. I’m wondering if that’s related.

No, wasn’t a three way configuration. Contact customer service - I’m sure they’ll take care of you!

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Yeah we can swap this out for you, no worries. I have heard this with certain bulbs as well – is there a way you can try a different switch in that setup to see if that switch squeals too?

Thanks. I have two additional switches ordered, so I’ll try one of those when I get them. The switch is controlling two Hue color bulbs.

I replaced the noisy Red switch with a different Red switch, and the problem disappeared, so it is a problem with that one particular device. I have a support ticket open, so I will check with them about RMA’ing it.

Hey @mattb – let me know if our team took care of you on the RMA route – it definitely sounds like a defective switch :frowning:

Thanks, per support I returned it to Amazon and got a replacement. The new one works great.

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