National Flags for Profiles

Hey all – a small tweak we’ve made that will allow for better visibility into which country people are from so that it will be easier to keep things organized.

This is to address the thread located here (thanks @Melerann): Country Specific Forum Ideas

The first step will be to display your countries flag next to your name. The next step will likely be to start tagging each country specific thread so that it’s easier to search.

To add your countries flag next to your name, please do the following:

  • Click on your Profile Pic (top right of the screen next to the Inovelli logo)
  • Then click on the Gear (Preferences)
  • Then click, “Preferences”
  • Next click on, “Profile” and scroll to the bottom and select your flag under the, “National Flag” drop-down
  • Finally, click, “Save Changes”

Your posts will now look like this:


Woot woot! Now we just need some Alberta and Texas flags, and then life will be complete for when we both separate and form Oil-Ranch-ica!