Need wiring diagram for 3-way config Red On/Off + White Aux

Short story, the pages and don’t load :roll_eyes:

Long story:
I had a Red On/Off in a 3-way config with a GE/Jasco aux switch and it was working happily for a few years. All of a sudden, turning on the light caused it to flash a few times before turning on steady as usual. Over a week or so (ignore it and it’ll go away did NOT work LOL!) the period of flashing would get longer and longer before the light would stay on steady. My guess is that like every other GE/Jasco switch I’ve purchased, it died way sooner than I expect from something that is wired into my house! :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

Fearing that continued use would trigger epilepsy or at the very least an even more agitated teen, I decided to try to follow wiring diagrams to toss an old dumb switch in the mix until a backordered White Aux could arrive. Somehow managed to fry my Red switch (again :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:) in the process so we’ve gone to just not using that light until the White switch arrived. Received that now, open the booklet to get the wiring instructions and get a QR code that takes me to a page with links to Blue series config (link works) and links for Red series Dimmer and On/Off and neither of those work. Look further in the booklet and it directs me to the same links and that do not work. Help please!

Editing to add I have replaced the fried Red On/Off with another I had sitting around waiting for my last GE/Jasco to die so that is still what will be on the other side of the White Aux switch

Wiring schematics for the Blues. Reds are the same, but the schmatics have not been migrated to the new site.

Ok, wired the Aux White up just like my old GE/Jasco and it does nothing. Pressing up or down does nothing at the Aux switch, Red switch works as before strobing my light. Instructions say my Red On/Off should automagically detect the smart Aux switch but it does not. The Red Dimmer instructions don’t work (hold config button 10-15s until yellow then release, tap config 13x but never get 1 long, 3 short blinks) but I did somehow manage to invert the switch function that way :roll_eyes: The Blue 2-1 instructions didn’t work (held up and pressed config 5x but nothing happened).

Ok, user error. Forgot that in an attempt to get the stupid light to work with just the Red switch and forget about 3-way until the Aux White came I’d disconnected the traveler wire from the Red switch. I debated popping the Red out to double check wiring but the box it is in is a PITA to deal with because where the switch is supposed to screw into was stripped out by a previous owner. But I just cracked it open and saw my error, fixed it and the White Aux is working now. Light they control is still flashing though so :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: but I guess I’ll start a new post for that.

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