Neutral identification

I’m having a hard time identifying if one of these in neutral. I think the answer is no. Just weird wiring.

Box A:
Going to switch white is always hot, red is traveller, black is load i believe. The black and white TWISTED sigh are always hot

Box B - Left Switch:
Going to the switch black is hot, red is traveler, white is ? Not sure about white, effected by status of other switch.

With White being Hot all time, makes me wonder if source goes to light first then goes to the switches. If that’s the case, then no neutral present.

Can you look at the light fixture and take picture?

Just a quick look it looks like white comes down as line and jumps to the other switch location. That BLK is connected to common and the red and white are the travelers. These come back over to the first location (where line originated) and then goes back up to the light from the common on the switch (BLK wire of the 14/2 Romex).


Yep. What @harjms said.


That makes sense. Kinda what was thinking as i wrote it all out. I replaced the light fixture a while ago and it was a pain in the ass to get in place. No way I’m taking it down again. Lol. Thanks for your input.