Neutral Required?

I have a two gang box, with a switch for 4 pots, and a switch for a fan (bathroom).
I have a white and black wire for each switch (line and load). No neutral.

Will I be able to replace the two simple Decora type switches that I have in that box with 2 of the new Inovelli dimmers? I want to be able to control each switch independently from Hubitat.

I believe it might work for the light, but it would depend on which bulbs you are using. Without a neutral, the dimmer passes a small current through the bulb in order to complete the circuit and maintain power for itself. This works great for old-school incandescent bulbs, but not all CFL/LED lights like this. It can cause some LED lights to stay on, or occasionally flicker when in the off position. If that is the case, there is a special bypass resistor you may be able to install that will prevent the flickering. According to the manual, the bypass may be required for any loads less than 25 watts when not using a neutral wire. There is also a tread listing some of the bulbs that have been tested here.

I dont think the dimmer should be used for fans. The manual says it will damage the fan motor.