Neutral Wire Jumper Gauge

Quick question: I need some extra neutral wire jumpers and want to match what usually comes with the blue 2-1 switches. What’s the gauge of that wire? I assume it’s either 12 or 14.


14 AWG


14 AWG ships with the switches, but if you’re on a 20A branch circuit you want to use 12 AWG pigtails.

You can cut a length of Romex and then use a pair of lineman’s pliers to pull the white conductor. Or grab a small spool of white THHN/THWN.

FYI, you can’t mix and match the stranded jumpers provided by Inovelli and your solid jumpers in the same backwire hole pair. The stranded conductor is fatter than the solid, so the backing plate won’t grab a solid tightly enough if the other hole is holding a stranded. I typically toss the Inovelli one and just use my solid pigtails.


To riff off the conversation in another thread, wire pulled from Romex is not individually marked. If you want your jumper to have the proper markings, grab a spool of THHN, as noted.

I don’t think it’s a big deal, but I thought I would point it out.

Doesn’t matter inside a box.