New Blue 2-1 Switch - Dimming Not Working

So I finally broke down and picked up a Blue 1-2 Switch to see what all of the hub-bub was about. I replaced one of my Jasco Z-wave switches in my office which is a simple single-pole switch attached to 6 “dumb” pancake LED recessed lights (this is what I have). Installed and got it paired to Z2M with no issues. It immediately found a FW update so I did that as well. Everything seems to be working fine except that dimming doesn’t work. I get the slider both in Z2M and Home Assistant however changing the values does nothing – it’s either on at full brightness at off. Am I missing something? Dimmed fine with my Jasco ZWave switch. Thanks!

Sigh…it helps to actually read the instructions. Programmed to dimming mode and all is good.

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