New effect for LED strip suggestions

Where do I submit suggestions for future effects? Heres one I would like to see… Color starting in the center of the bar and expanding outwards until bar is full, then shrinking back to center.

Crude excel mockup:


Based on how full the MCU is right now (500 series z-wave) I’m not sure they can fit any more effects.

BUT… if they can for the 700 series:

I would like these please: List of effects and palettes · Aircoookie/WLED Wiki · GitHub



You know the way to my heart is via Excel lol. That’s a pretty sweet animation for sure.

I’ll add it to the list (there’s an official list somewhere) and see if there’s room.

I’m about to start a 1.53 production thread shortly. This will be prioritized after Smart Bulb Mode and a couple other tweaks, but if we have room, it’s definitely something we’ll consider!

I think that may be where @EricM_Inovelli got the ideas for the lightstrip animations, I’m not sure.

Either way, pretty sweet!

I mean is there anything you CANT do in excel? Thats a trick question, because theres nothing you cant do.

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Preach it. I’m not joking when I say I think I’m the most badass person when I figure out a formula. I’m not talking about some =SUM formula, I’m talking about =INDEX… :joy:

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Maybe you can cram a D1 Mini into the next-gen dimmers and switches so @kreene1987 can set his notifications via WLED . . . :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

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Lol. Im not that good with the formulas, but I’ve been using one main excel file for almost 10 years now, adding notes for my job as I go along. I think it has like 200 sheets in it. Heres the main sheet that then hyperlink to others sheets, rinse, repeat.

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Damn. That looks sweet lol. I’ll have to post one of my formulas tomorrow.

But that sheet looks sweet!

@Eric_Inovelli you see this?

No but that’s pretty sweet! I’m not on @EricM_Inovelli level with coding, but I do know my way around Excel so this is pretty awesome! Thanks for sharing!

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