*NEW* Employee Feature - Get to know Inovelli

Hey there community members!

We always talk internally about how awesome our community is and how much we enjoy getting to know everyone. We wanted to give you all an opportunity to get to know us a bit more too! SO…we’re going to start highlighting our employees here in Live from HQ :slight_smile:

What’s the Employee Feature?
We’re going to choose an Inovelli Team member for you to get to know! Get an inside look on what they do and who they are. We’ll also open each thread up for an AMA (Ask Me Anything). This gives you all the opportunity to get to ask those burning questions; like my in depth gif choosing process or how @Eric_Inovelli says the word “Segue”.

Get acquainted with the people you interact with everyday and even be introduced to newer teammates you may not know. Our first feature will be Monday the 8th!

Ps. I’ll give 10 rewards points to the first person to guess our employee feature right in the comments :wink:



Clearly there is only one correct answer. Brianna right :wink: or did you mean the newest team member?

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I like the enthusiasm. Make sure to save that for when Nathan and I are the features! :wink:

Live from HQ??? :wink:

Does @Eric_Inovelli have his own parking spot in front of Inovelli HQ? Does he assign spots based on position or Employee of the Month?

I think @Eric_Inovelli parks on the street.

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This looks more like my car than anyone else in the office :sweat_smile: No one has picked our first employee feature yet!

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Lol – I park closest to the bar next door :slight_smile:

Other spots are fought over either by the, “eyelash business” or CCW class downstairs lol. @Courtney_Inovelli parks closest to the CCW class (lookout) and @anon14959390 parks closest to the, “eyelash business” (he’s got some pretty lashes, I must say).

Haha! How’d you get a picture of my car? Must be a recent one too bc I just added the Inovelli door magnet :slight_smile:


@Eric_Inovelli If you want good lashes, you need to work at it. I’ve told you this countless times before.


It’s EricM isn’t it?

I’m trying my best man…


Please tell me you drive a VW Beetle with the eyelashes above the headlights #fleak


Not anymore.

Like the gentleman we all know him to be, he parks furthest away from the building and lets us have the spots closest to the front door.

I did not think about it being closest to the bar though. :thinking: That makes more sense.


He works remotely so I’m pretty sure it’s not him.

That would be a really good reason then :slight_smile:

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Out of curiosity, how did you get the Inovelli door magnet to stick on Bondo? :laughing:

That is probably a bad spot if @Eric_Inovelli works late, because he is bound to pick up a DWI police car trail/escort out of the parking lot one of these days…


It’s funny you mention that, because if you’re clever enough to do a Google street view of Inovelli’s parking lot, you’ll see an unmarked dark blue police packaged Crown Vic in the parking lot. It looks like KPD has staged a unit waiting for @Eric_Inovelli to finish his day.