New Product wanted. Does not exist anywhere. Zwave / Zigbee repeater across home network

I wish someone could make a product that would plug into a network and then connect to another one somewhere else on the network to transmit zwave and zigbee across vast distances.

So have a device the plugs in somewhere near your current hub via rj45 that can send and receive device signal and then have another unit pluged in say in a detached garage 250 feet away.

This way i can put devices in the detatched garage and any device out there just have the signal repeated via this new device and it would send the signal across the network to the other device and it would transmit to the hub.

This would allow us to have devices over 1000+ feet away from the hub we use and have it work as it they were local.

This seems to become a bigger and bigger need for people. I know hubitat does hub mesh with another hub. But many dont like that approach. We all seem to be looking for the same device yet nobody makes one.

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You can only have one zigbee coordinator per network but that doesn’t restrict your from running two instances in HA. Here is an ethernet zigbee coordinator. CC2652P2 Zigbee to Ethernet Serial Coordinator | TubesZB Store

For zwave the new 800s series supports long range (LR) which should reach the detached garage without any issue.


Does the zigbee coordinator work with hubitat? Sorry never seen or heard of these.

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ok got looking at it and that is not what I was wanting, it want a device like a plugin zigbee and zwave repeater nut then transmit the signal over network to another device that is just like it where that is where it signal is repeated out, just like any repeater but have it repeat at the opposite end. sp both ends would need to be added to hubitat or like (just like other repeaters) and thats its only function is to repete the signa from point a to point b and vis versa.

All mains powered z-wave devices are repeaters, and all mains-powered zigbee devices are routers (effectively the same).

You just need to get more in-line devices.


Ah hubitat, you didn’t mention a hub. It looks like the C-7 supports or will support zwave LR so you might already have the capability. @mamber have you tried zwave LR yet?

I know that hardwired are repeaters I can’t put more in line, metal shed over 250 feet away and even if i could they would likely not go through the thick metal shed. Hence what I wanted.

Still doubt they would go 250 feet into a thick metal shed hence what I was looking for / wanted. without the need for a second hub. I know hubitat I can buy a second hub (and have) and create a mesh with them, its just not the same.

What you’re asking for, effectively, is solved by the Matter/Thread standard AFAIK. Matter (as currently designed) supports devices connected via Ethernet, WiFi, or Thread (a separate, low-power IP-based Mesh).

That means that in the future, all you should need is a WiFi Access Point out in the garage, and Matter devices which connect over WiFi will be controllable locally across your network.

What you are asking for today is effectively a Zigbee-2-Ethernet converter, with another Ethernet-2-Zigbee Router converter on the other end, so that you can have super-remote devices connected to a localized Zigbee router which is then carried over a longer “backbone” Ethernet run back to the house/network. I agree that I don’t believe such a device exists today.


Yep. I have been looking for Z-wave over Ethernet extenders (or bridge) for at least 7 years.


As far as I know, all the above is correct. There are network interfaces, but all I’m aware of create their own network rather than extend an existing one; they just spare you from needing to put that hardware on your “hub” itself. I would not be surprised if there were some difficulty besides just the fact that it would be a niche use case.

Since you’re using Hubitat: you could just use the option of creating a separate Zigbee or Z-Wave network in your shed (or whatever this remote location is) using a second hub, then use the Hub Mesh feature — or a few similar options — to share devices from one hub to the other over your LAN. This is similar to the ideas above, except using an idea that works on Hubitat (rather than, say, a HomeSeer Z-NET that won’t :slight_smile: ).


I just ran 60M fiber cable to my garage so I could install the 2nd Hubitat hub and control the further devices. The first hub will have access to the devices on the 2nd hub for rules and whatnot.


Did you rent a trencher?

Negative. I was able to use a conduit I installed between garage and basement. Lucked out.


Believe aeotec makes a plug in z wave range extender

It’s just a wall powered Zwave device (and therefore a router, just like any wall powered Zwave device) that has no additional functionality. Might as well get a Smart Switch instead and at least get a controllable outlet and light.

Thanks, will keep that in mind

On the Zigbee side, most mains-powered devices are routers. Not all. I think that’s true for Z-wave, also.

Yes but they don’t cover large spans of 250’ through a metal shed.

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I believe Homeseer has a product to do this, but it’s tied to their hub.