New Z-Wave 2-1 VZW21-SN button #s for Hubitat

I just replaced a RD LZW-31-N with the new 2-1 VZW-31-SN and it seems the button #'s in Hubitat have changed a bit as it seems the Config/Favorites button isn’t # 7 any more.

I’ve found a page for the 2-1 Parameters, but I can’t find the button # assignments here or over at Hubitat. Can someone paste a link to where those are?

Thanks!! Don’t know why I couldn’t find it.

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Does anyone else find this mapping strange?

Seems to me that tap/hold/release up should map to pushed/held/released on button 1, and likewise for down (button 2) and config (button 3).

Granted, mult-tap wouldn’t map cleanly but at least the main three buttons would be intuitative.

Seems illogical, and I have to refer to this table every time I create a button rule, or trying to remember what an existing rule maps to.