No local configuration in Beta firmwares LZW31-SN? Where to find a list of all config params?

I was looking to update the Firmware on my LZW31-SN to enable the on/off ability. I just noticed on the Firmware Changelog page a note indicating that the local configuration has been removed as of FW 1.49.

Am I reading that correctly? This means that I can no longer configure the switch from the device itself using the config button and can only do it via a smarthub?

## V1.49 - 12/16/2020
Remove local configuration mode (to make space for extra features).

I am looking to flash the f/w in order to make this switch a simple on/off switch. Currently, the switch has 1.47 firmware. Is there an up-to-date list of all the configuration parameters available for the switch for each firmware version? The LZW31 manual is clearly outdate as it only shows 22 configuration params in the table.



The ability to set as simple on/off switch has been there since the beginning, and to my knowledge remains a locally-set item.

Should be able to set parameter 1 to 0 locally on 1.47 without issue.

I refer to this for parameters because it is the z-wave software I use:

The firmware changelog has a list of changes since the OG issuance (1.35). 1.47 I believe was another non-beta firmware. You can reference the changelog for those.

I think they removed “some” of the local config stuff to make room, but I am pretty sure that they didn’t remove “most” of those features.

Setting parameter 1 to 0 doesn’t make it a switch. You can still dim it, and with the min dim level range being 0-45% you can’t use that to stop dimming. I think the smart bulb mode makes the switch go on or off only and stops it from dimming.

It most certainly does in SBM mode 1. Its full output for level 1-99 and off for 0. It might dim the LED bar, but the load is still 100% always.

Just setting parameter 1 to 0 doesn’t make it a switch.

Smart bulb mode doesn’t exist in the early firmware, just the ability to enable or disable local control. On the earlier firmware this just stopped the paddle from controlling it but the hub could still switch and dim it. Hence why the specific SBM mode parameter was added to stop the ability to dim it at all when using it with smart bulbs.

The parameter to set smart bulb mode was added in v1.47, and changed to both allow SBM and on-off in v1.54.

You are correct that v1.47 could be used and still set locally.

That is one that always made me wonder. If the min and max dim levels were just changed to allow the full range for both then they could have simply been used to lock the switch to a certain output. Set both min and max dim level to 100% and you’d get smart bulb mode or on-off mode. Maybe the bar still changed if you tried to dim it?

Well that depends upon what you consider “early firmware”. SBM has been around since mid-last year, starting with 1.45. So if you’ve bought a dimmer in the last year, it came with firmware that supports SBM.

The only thing that has changed is that previously SBM and DLC were two separate settings. That was changed into one setting in 1.54.

OK, from the beginning was v1.35 firmware as the first released version and it didn’t have SBM and couldn’t act as an on-off switch.