No Neutral - Switch Doesn't Illuminate

I’m having trouble getting a red series dimmer to work with a <25w led with no neutral. I installed the bypass and tried again without it. Switch led doesn’t illuminate. I see it in ST though. The light doesn’t come on. I feel like it must be simple but I can’t figure it out. It worked with the dumb switch.

A couple details . . . is this a 2-way or a 3-way?

Presuming this is a 2-way, is the switch in a single gang box? If so, are there only 2 conductors exclusive of the ground in that box?

It’s a 2 way? Just one switch and one light. The switch is in a box with 2 other switches. There is no ground or neutral. I connected always hot wire to “line” on inovelli and wire that’s hot when dumb switch was on to inovelli “load.”

Ok, Romex or individual conductors? Also, how did you connect the bypass?

Can you post a pic(s) of the switch box with the switch pulled out? As much detail as possible so we can see into the box and see the connections.

EDIT: One other thing - It’s interesting that you got the switch added to ST, as you can see it there. Are you able to turn the light on and off from within ST?