No neutral wire in brand new construction?

just finished installing 11 blue switches in a brand new construction in various single pole, 3 way and 4 way configurations without issue. every box in the house had a neutral wire and all is well. went to install the last one in a bedroom in what I thought would be an easy single pole setup (definitely only one switch controlling 4 recessed LEDs) and am not seeing a neutral wire. is this possible? am I overlooking something obvious? the switch on the right is also the only one like it in the house, one switch controls some accent lights and the other would be for a ceiling fan although we don’t have one. the house is in Chicago if it’s helpful…

Yes. Switch loops (2 wire) are still a thing. You’re not overlooking it. Good news is it looks like you have EMT so you could possibly feed a single solid wire from the other end (junction box or ceiling fan box?) to this switch box to provide the neutral.

The other switch looks like a 3 way. Do you have another switch that controls the accent lighting?

I just looked at the photos again. I didn’t realize the switch on the right was a duplex switch; so ignore the 3 way part.

The neutral is still valid or you could install your switch in a non-neutral state, but YMMV with the type of lights/fixtures you’re using.

Appreciate the reply, I was able to pull a new neutral through the conduit and now all is well!