No power on load LZW-31sn

I have a switch that was doing fine until I disconnected it temporarily to test another switch. After reinstalling, I get 2.5V out on load and around 80V out in the traveler (red). The is in a neutral config. I’ve tried fiddling with some of the parameters, but can’t seem to find anything that changes the behavior. Has anyone seen something similar or have any ideas?

I’d try reinstalling again. Sounds like a bad connection.

Remove from hub and factory reset (20s config until red). I’d remove wiring and re-install as well to ensure wiring didn’t get mucked up.

Tried everything with no luck. I wonder if the switch didn’t get fried somehow. Fortunately, it wasn’t powering anything that needed smarts so for now I’ve gone back to a dumb switch until I can buy another zwave switch.