Non-neutral No Power

I installed a Red series LZW31-SN switch without a neutral wire. There is just one load and one line wire. When I turn the breaker switch on, the LZW31 doesn’t have power (LED bar isn’t illuminated) and I can’t put the device into inclusion mode. When the LZW31 is installed and the breaker is on, both the load and line terminals on the switch tested hot. When the air gap switch is pulled, the top wire (load spot) does not have power as expected. Is there something I need to do for the non-neutral mode?

What is your load? If it’s not drawing enough, you may need a bypass.

I’ll check the load. I thought a bypass was only needed for the light to come on. I didn’t realize it was need for the switch itself to power on so I could include it in the Z-wave network.

If there is no neutral, it needs a way for the current to flow and thus flows through the load.