Non-neutral On/Off

Is there any chance of getting an On/Off switch that doesn’t require a neutral?
It appears that neutral wires in switches are rare in my house. I’m currently using Dimmers. If a non-neutral On/Off switch isn’t possible, can we get a firmware option for the Dimmers to work as a simple On/Off?

I don’t think it will be possible to create an on/off without neutral (due to the way the internal relay is used), but it is possible to configure the dimmer to work like a simple on/off with the existing firmware.

Config parameters:

Parameter Parameter Name Value Description
Parameter 1 Dimming Speed 0 Instant
Parameter 2 Dimming Speed (from Switch) 101 Match parameter 1 (Instant)
Parameter 3 Ramp Rate 101 Match parameter 1 (Instant)
Parameter 4 Ramp Rate (From Switch) 101 Match parameter 1 (Instant)
Parameter 9 Default Level 99 Default to full brightness when switch is turned on remotely
Parameter 10 Default Level (From Switch) 99 Default to full brightness when switch is turned on from switch

I’ve set up these parameters, but it doesn’t stop my kids from holding the button down too long and changing the brightness on the bulbs.

If those parameters are set, it shouldn’t be possible to cause dimming from the switch, even by holding the button. Being at 100% and holding the down button, for example, should insta dim it to 0%.

I just did some tests on my dimmer, and it appears it will only dim down to the minimum level (Parameter 5) and up to the maximum level (Parameter 6). Since the lowest value you can set the Minimum Level to is 1, that means you are unable to fully turn the light off by holding the down button. Even when the dimming speed is set to 0, it will only go down to that 1% brightness.

For my lights, 1% is too low to be seen. However, since the light is technically ON, pressing the on button while in this state results in nothing happening (since the light is already on).

If we could somehow set the Minimum Level to 99 it might solve the problem. Perhaps that would make a good feature request.

In the meantime, if this is a Red Series Dimmer, you may be able to set up a scene-based automation to fully turn the light on or off when someone attempts to dim or brighten the light.