Not sure if issue is wiring related or not

Hi everyone,

I recently had an LZW30 switch installed, firmware v1.20, being controlled by a Hubitat.

A little bit of background: we had a mechanical timer in the basement that operated the lights to the front of our house. There was also a manual switch near our front door, that also operated the same lights. Once the mechanical timer kicked in, the manual switch would stop functioning until the timer turned the lights off (meaning we couldn’t turn the lights off at night). If the timer wasn’t on, the lights could be manually controlled with the switch. I wanted full control over this.

There are 9 total lights outside. 5 under an overhang, 2 attached to the brick of our house, and a light post on each side of our front yard.

We had an electrician remove the mechanical timer in the basement, and essentially remove the “three-way” that was being used, making the switch near the front door the only device to operate the front lights. When he was finished, and our LZW30 switch was installed near our front door, I tested it to make sure the lights went on. It was during the day, and I thought all of the lights went on and off as intended. Except…I didn’t notice that the light post bulbs on the side of the yard no longer went on, until that night.

The electrician has been back numerous times and cannot find any faults of his own (though if it’s on him, he will keep looking and repair). He has tested voltage levels at each light post, and there isn’t any voltage at all.

I checked the bulbs from each light post, and one is an LED, the other is a standard bulb. All of these worked prior to this work being done.

Is it possible that the switch is the cause of this? Or is that unlikely since all of the other 7 lights are working properly?

Thank you!

I doubt it.

Here is a simple test, although I’m guessing your electrician would have tried this:

Wired correctly, your upstairs switch is now a 2-way. The neutrals from the Line and Load should be tied together, leaving the black Line and the black Load, which are connected to separate terminals on the switch. Pull the switch and remove the two blacks. Touch then together. Do all the lights illuminate. My guess is probably not. So if touching the two blacks together doesn’t light all the lights, then it’s a wiring issue.

There are probably separate runs or at least 2 runs. My guess would be that one of those runs didn’t get reconnected while removing the timer downstairs.