NuTone 696N B Unit not Powering on

Just installed a Blue Fan Switch for my bathroom to power a NuTone 696N B Unit and found that the fan doesn’t power on at all. So far I’ve double-checked my wiring, set the switch to exhaust mode, and factory reset. Was able to add the switch into my zigbee controller without issues.

That’s a pretty basic fan so I wouldn’t think there would be any compatibility issues.

Is this a neutral installation? If so, I’d pull the switch and using a meter, test between the neutral and the load terminal with the switch on. See if you’re getting 120VAC. You can use the 2nd set of backwire holes or the screws to do this.

No neutral at the light switches, unfortunately.

Ok, you can test between the Load and ground, either the bundled ground or metal box.

You may need a bypass if it’s a non-neutral. There hasn’t been a lot of discussion (if any) here of non-neutral fans, and I haven’t installed one myself, but the Inovelli sales page indicates that a bypass may be required for the fan switch.

I believe no neutral only allows medium speeds (in a 3 speed mode) so I’m wondering if there’s a limitation for exhaust mode without a neutral.