NZW30 w/scene local control stopped working

Once in a while I would lose local control at this gen1 switch but it always came back with a power disconnect, but this time it will not. Hubitat control still works

Any tricks?

I just went through this myself, I found resetting the device brought back local control but I wished to exclude then include in an attempt to “clean out any rogue settings”. I could not. Even with the hub inches away from the switch.

I finally forced the exclusion, did another Factory Reset and now I have a working manual dimmer that will not pair to the hub. I even tried to pair by powering up the circuit while the hub was in the inclusion mode.

My solution… replace the switch.

I do plan on working on this switch more when I get it out and can test on the desk.

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So I got my Local control working again simply by pressing down 8 times. I think you can disable/enable local control by doing this.

Too bad this isnt documented somewhere, I did it by memory from last year reading on a forum, as a last ditch effort. I guess my memory is better than i thought.

There is a section in the manual that might be helpful (see below) I’m glad you got it working.


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This was not in my manual, where did you find this chart?

Nevermind, I see this is for the new series of switches, mine is a 1st gen. I guess they share some operation. I wish this was in the Gen1 manual. I will save this, thanks.

I just had my Bathroom switch, NZW30, quit working locally but was working with Home Assistant. This thread helped. I was able to restore local control by pressing the down button 10 times, I had to try several times before it took. But now it’s working again. Thanks for the help.