NZW31 Will Not Go Info Pair Mode

I have started the process of disconnect my switches from Wink to SmartThings. I have successfully unpair my first switch from wink and have started the process to pair to SmartThings. My issue is the NZW31 will no go back into pair mode.

  • I have tapped the config button (‘ON’ button of the switch) in quick succession 3 times. The blue light stays solid blue, not blinking

  • I have held the config button down for 20+ seconds to reset to factors, the Red light did not appear blinking or otherwise to indicate it has started the factors reset process.

  • I have turned the breaker off to the switch and started pairing once it had power again.

  • I have repeated the above multiple times

No Dice. Anyone else have a similar issue and resolved it.

I think it’s the up on the paddle for SIX times in 2 seconds. If they’re anything like the Gen2 you have to do it really fast.

Here is the manual in case you don’t have it:

It is press the up paddle 6 times within 2 seconds. @echandler3 It will likely also be worth it to exclude the switch from Smartthings before you try to pair it there.

Here is a video on how to do that if you don’t know. When you press the configuration button 3 times in the video, you would press down on the paddle 6 times to exclude your nzw31.

Thank you both, the 6 times tap did the trick. I was expecting the LED to start blinking after the 6th tap and it did not. To make it work with Smarthings, I added the handler to my hub, started the auto scan in SmartThings, then tapped the up button 6 times within 2 seconds. About 5 seconds later SmartThings recognized the device.

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