NZW31S Parameter Manual

Does anyone have a copy of the advanced settings (aka Parameter List) for the Gen 1 LZW31S NZW31S they can post?

My dimmer just stopped working by the manual toggle (still works by Z-Wave) and I want to verify all the parameters. I’m using a Hubitat hub.


Thanks. However I made a mistake in my original post I should have written NZW31S.
Sorry for the mistake.


Hey @JohnRob – whoops, didn’t see this one, but I’m assuming you figured it out as it’s been a couple months.

If not, to fix this, tap up 8x on the paddle and let me know if that works!

Here is a helpful button tap chart for our Gen 1’s:

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Is there a way I can get the parameter list and not the tap setting. My NZW31S has stopped responding tot he toggle switch but works from the controller. So want to try and reset the manual toggle on/off parameter and see.

Hmmmm… I don’t think we have that information unfortunately with the transition of manufacturers. Maybe @EricM_Inovelli has it on file, but I can’t find it on my end.

The tap sequence isn’t working?

Nope the paddle does not seem to be responding. So not sure how to un-pair the device from my controller or to reset it manually. Also a clarification, the disable relay requence should also work to enable it right?
That is what I should try to enable the manual paddle.

This should help…

I would give the manual reset a shot even though the paddle doesn’t respond.


Which hub are you using? It seems possible that local control got disabled on accident (disable relay). Can you try the button combination to turn that feature off?

I was finally able to make it work. By removing from the hub (vera) with unpairing and then pairing again. Did not have to reset the dimmer. Have not gone the led to work yet though.

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Eric it seems you suggested tapping up 8X on the paddle, but the tap settings you shared does not have instructions for enabling relay. Is it just the reverse of the disable command then?
Also the invert/disable LED would work for enabling the LED again?