Official Refurbished Units Thread

Hey Folks!

Thought I would take the time to create an official “refurb” thread where I can update you on our current refurb situation since we’re often out of stock on certain (or all) items. We also had a glitch in Big Commerce where all the links to the refurb pages on the product pages themselves got deleted, so I will post a link to all the refurb pages here. Will try to keep everything as up to date as possible.

To start, I want to reiterate what we consider a refurbished unit to be.

Generally, this is a gently used return - although often we put up returned products that were never opened as well. They may have Amazon stickers on the box or extra tape from the returnee.

We test out every return (with the exception of fan/light switches - see below for more details) for basic function only - does it work, turn on/off and/or dim and we do a factory reset. The switch or product you receive may have any date code, or any firmware version on it as we do not check the firmware on each unit to see if it is up to date with beta or current production versions. The packaging may be torn, the QR code paper may be missing, heat sink tabs may have been removed, but the product itself should appear in good shape and the paddles on the switches should be without any major defects such as large scratches. You should always receive a faceplate and jumper neutral wire, any mounting materials necessary, as well as at least one instruction manual. You can always leave a note in your order if you don’t need faceplates, etc.

Refurbished units come with the same return policy and warranty as a regular, unopened product.

Below you will find links to all the refurb pages, and I will do my best to update when we have units in stock.

LZW42 - RGBW Bulb Refurbished Units (4 units in stock)

LZW60 - 4-in-1 Sensor Refurbished Units (0 units in stock)

LZW30 - Black Series On/Off Switch Refurbished Units (0 units in stock)

LZW30-SN - Red Series On/Off Switch Refurbished Units (0 units in stock)

LZW31 - Black Series Dimmer Switch Refurbished Units (0 units in stock)

LZW31-SN - Red Series Dimmer Switch Refurbished Units (0 units in stock)

LZW36 - Fan/Light Switch Refurbished Units (0 units in stock)

Please Note - the fan switch returns have not been tested, because we do not have a fan/light switch setup in our office to be able to hook the products up to test out. We are ONLY selling open units that appear to have never been used (ie…no marks from screws, no wear and tear, all paperwork, and caps have not been pulled off the wiring on fan module which indicates never installed).

LZW45 - LED Light Strip Kit (Controller Only) (0 units in stock)

Happy Shopping!


Make that 14 units in stock now.


Are you flashing the LZW36 fan modules with the new anti-flicker firmware before re-shipping them???

They come as-is as far as firmware goes! The flicker was only on units dated 0520 so I will be sure to just throw one of the updated modules in those - we have a bunch of extras. We can’t actually flash the firmware on the modules ourselves because it requires a special board that you have to connect all the wires to which we do not have in our office.

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Are there any 4 in 1 sensors left? You listed 11 but the link doesn’t show any available to order.

Should be fixed now! They are still available.

Do you have any refurbished LZW-30-SN, LZW-31SN or LZW-36?