Oh Canada - Inovelli for Canadians

We’ve been working more and more closely with Eric and Inovelli since re-establishing our relationship as Canadian distributor and I wanted to let the Canadian community know that with Inovelli’s support we plan to offer both current and pre-order products. Our pricing is in line with Inovelli’s $CDN pricing but without the border issues and costs inherent to shipping cross border to Canada.

We just set up the Matter Smart Dimmer for pre-order and we have the current ZWave and Zigbee products available as well. We’ll be adding some of the more popular colour change kits shortly.

Happy Independence Day to our American friends and thank you to our Canadian supporters!

Robert @ Aartech


Aartech has increased their free shipping from $100 to $200. Whoops… Oh ya, Happy Canada and stuff. Maybe I missed something in the celebration?


Yes, thank you for bringing up shipping. We had to make that decision back in the new year. Freight costs combined with credit card or Paypal fees and other handling costs are absolutely crushing.

Actually it doesn’t really impact most Inovelli customers often, since that’s only 3 dimmers for free shipping. Inovelli charges $50-$100 to ship to Ontario with free shipping over $1000. There may be brokerage or duties tacked on when it cross the border.

So you get the same price on the product, with a bonus of free shipping on 3 or more dimmers (and cheap flat rate shipping below that). No duties, brokerage or border issues, faster delivery and local replacement support from a Canadian small business who is authorized to sell & provide support.

I think that’s something to celebrate and we really appreciate the support!

Thank you


Curious if you guys have ever considered switching to Shopify? Love the products you offer, and your service has always been solid for me, but your site always feels a bit clunky/dated (disclosure, I work there).

Hi Feens,

Shopify is a great platform and I’ve used it for years although you’re right it doesn’t power Aartech’s sites. That said we are very tightly integrated between our ERP and shopping platforms so we aren’t likely to change any time soon.

We actually get a tonne of positive feedback on how easy our site is to use - but I agree it’s looking a bit older and I’m always open to customer feedback on how to make it better and less “clunky”. The shop menu for example is one we’re hoping to update shortly.

So by all means let me know how we can improve the experience - either here or send me a PM as I don’t want to get too sidetracked in this thread.

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Bought 3 Blue switches so far but as soon as the new mmwave switch comes out I’ll also order 3 of these.

This is great to hear. I’m in Ontario, renovating my house, and am planning on buying a bunch of the new keypads that are in development. I’ve bought a number of things from Aartech and was sad when they stopped carrying Inovelli.

Regarding the website, there’s always room for improvement, but it is definitely a lot better than some other distributors’ websites. The only things that come to mind are 1) more powerful filtering would be nice, and 2) I don’t know how far back the New page goes. If it’s been four months since I last visited, I don’t know if there are things that are new to me but no longer on the New page.

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@jpbaril Great, thank you for your support! The mmWave Zigbee and ZWave switches are online now for pre-order. I love the idea!



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@pcyr I’m glad we got things straightened out as well and I’m looking forward to some nice zwave & zigbee keypads finally! We’ll get them online when they get to the pre-order stage.

That was quick! :smile:
Is 123$ a pre-order price or is it going to be the regular retail price?

@jpbaril Sometimes we’re quicker than others :smiley:

I believe it will be the ongoing price but that’s more of an Eric question.