Old 3 way installation Help (before)

I’ve read some of the posts and before I did something that will fry my switch lat me be as specific as possible.

I have the wiring layout that is shown below. Neither switch box has a neutral wire in it. Both are standard 3 way switches. I’m trying to understand how I include my new switch into the setup. I’m a schematic person so that’s what I’m asking for. Can I still use one of the switches that are currently in the system? Do I need a neutral wire or not?




Your statement and your diagram are inconsistent. The diagram shows a neutral in the left switch box. So either your drawing is incorrect or your understanding of your what’s in your boxes is. Why do you think you don’t have a neutral in either box? That might be the case, but if it is, that is not the proper drawing.

I see what you mean … there is no neutral line coming into either switch box. I used a bad example.

If you can post pictures of both switches pulled out that also show all of the connections inside of the boxes, someone here can probably tell you what you have going on.