On/Off Red Series disabled internal relay failing

Running HassOS and Home Assistant 0.101.

I use the switch with the internal relay disabled due to Hue lights being on that circuit, and instead use the paddles for scenes. Edit: Switch is in 1-way configuration.

I have twice now noticed the lights connected to the switch will not turn on per my automation, and have found the lights to be “unavailable” in HA. Both times I re-enable the internal relay, turn the switch on, and and then re-disable the internal relay. The odd thing is HA is registering the switch as still being on while the bulb is “unavailable” while it clearly off until I do the above fix.

Any specific logs I can pull to troubleshoot why this is happening?

Have you checked the status history of the switch itself in HA? If the internal relay is disabled, the switch is actually just preventing physical button presses from controlling the light. You can still turn the physical switch on or off remotely in HA. You might be accidentally turning the switch off through HA in an automation or script.

Status shows the switch as “on” the whole time, however the energy usage drops to zero at the same time the bulb goes unavailable. I don’t think it’s a bulb issue either because it’s in a table lamp, which I tired cycling the lamp’s switch before trying anything on the wall switch to no effect.

And you didnt lose power or anything, right (or maybe a loose wire on the switch)? There is a known bug in the current firmware where the switch will stay off after power is restored to it if the relay is disabled.

Loose wire or brown out could be possible. The behavior is consistent. The box is pretty tight being a really old house, and we have some serious utility work going on in the street, so during the day the whole place is shaking. Will probably pull it and inspect it when the dimmers arrive.

Did you ever figure out what the cause was? I too exhibited internal relay failing the last couple days on both my LZW30-sn. I have LZW30-sn connect to RGB lights on ST. When I went went to turn on the switch they both had switch turn off causing bulbs to be unavailable.

Upon further investigation the switch was still set to disabled internal relay. The device was still online on ST. The work around was to enable the internal relay switch in it on and then disable it again. Or from ST I could turn it on.

There are a few discussions about this issue. I have tested multiple switches in different circuits. 1 and 3 way all with neutral but varying led loads The observed drop of energy use from the switch signals when it turns off. ST still thinks it’s on. Led lights report offline. Switch still controllable from ST. And simply turning switch off and on from within ST restores power to switch while relay stays bypassed.

It’s not a wiring issue as mine were inspected by an electrician friend. And the fact that all regular switches work fine.

This is definitely a switch issue and I am hoping beyond hope that a firmware update can fix the issue. I have till Jan 31 to return them to amazon Canada if u can’t get this fixed.


Make sure you connections are good and tight to the switch. There is a known bug that if the internal relay is disabled and the “power restore” is set to “last state” it doesn’t actually return to the last state. It seems like the on/off may be a bit more sensitive to poor installations.

My random failings have ended now for a good month now that I pulled the switch out and redid/tightened the connections while installing another dimmer.

Yes, on the connections… But my electrician did the connections and could not find any lack of connectivity… And I even set the power restore to go to on…

That being said… THIS IS NOT A LOSS OF POWER TO THE SWITCH… LZW30-sn. ST always has access to it and can control it through scenes or Automations all the time. It may report back as being ON when it is actually OFF once it has “turned itself off”.

Q: Is it possible to have bad or incorrect wiring on the LZW30-sn AND still ALWAYS be controllable through ST?? (The switch can still send scene control commands as well.

My understanding is the internal relay should never stop sending power to the lights when bypassed and only stop sending power if I purposely send a command through ST to “TURN OFF” otherwise always ON.

Not to beat a dead horse… BUT it is the whole reason I purchased this product in the first place… to be able to have a switch look like it is controlling lights, without having to place plastic covers on all light switches and add a wireless ST switch to every plate!

I guess I never had the issue where the hub was reporting the switch as “on” that I remembered. In theory, once the firmware bug is fixed, any brown-out/black-out/loose-wiring should be less of an issue since it will actually restore to the correct state.

But it could be you have a faulty switch.

You may want to check out this thread about ST not properly logging the state of the switch. It doesn’t address the power-interruption to the switch, but it does imply the overall behavior being the same as what I was experiencing, just with the added quirk of ST being a little weird.