Out of Stock Item Thread w/ETA's

Will these also be restocked at Amazon, around those dates? I have an Amazon gift card waiting for it.

Honestly not sure at this point. Amazon has been a real pain in the ass to use all of 2020. Usually they are giving us max limits every time we try to send products to them that are simply ridiculous. We have some red dimmers and red on/offs coming in early January. Amazon has inventory limits for every product and they would only let us bring in 200 red dimmers. At that rate, it’s not worth it for us to get an extra flight to a specific warehouse location, pay to have a trucker transport everything to Amazon, etc. So it made more sense to just have everything sent to us here at our HQ.

When we are ready to import more at the end of January we will have to see what Amazon is doing at that point. Right now they are making it very unrealistic for us to use them in any capacity. We may be able to open up FBM at some point but I will have to discuss everything further with @Eric_Inovelli!


Thanks for the info! Looking forward to getting more switches, either way.

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You guys have me feeling like Oliver Twist… “please sir may I have some more?”. I just want some more bulbs…


Looks like a ton of stuff just came in-stock, awesome!

However - are the light strip T-connectors going to be available soon? (or are the pin dimensions of a particular standard, that we might be able to mate with 3rd party connectors?)

Yeah, we just got a large shipment of On/Off & Dimmer Red Series yesterday, but I wanted to give Courtney a break to catch up and not jump out a window with all the shipping :slight_smile:

As for the T-Connectors, we’re waiting for the end-caps to be delivered to us (the end-caps are required to keep the addressability) which we talked to our manufacturer last night and they said they’d be shipping to us on the 18th of January – so likely we’ll have the T-Connectors back in stock early February. This was definitely overlooked by both teams as we both completely forgot the end-caps were required.

In other words, we have the T-Connectors in stock at our HQ, but without the end-caps, they won’t work properly so we have to wait for the end-caps to come.

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oh cool, not too bad then. When I was reading the page for the T’s, I did notice the end caps get mentioned but don’t seem to be depicted or explained, so that’s good to know - thanks for the update!

[Edit: I see the end caps explained in the manual, all good]

Are you on the first or second floor? You’ll want to ensure there’s not a worker’s comp claim…


Lol, 2nd floor, but good news is there’s a slant in the parking lot grade, so it’s more like 1-1.5th floor, which makes the cut for MI Workers Comp Law (kidding).


Anyway you could sell gift cards through Amazon? This could take care of that issue. I have a bunch of Amazon gift card money, but I want to buy your switches!


Do Amazon gift cards let you buy other company’s gift cards? I know Walmart doesn’t let you do that.

Just received my two Gen 2 Series Red on/off switches! YAY! I noticed that the firmware listed is 1.21, even though the latest listed on the Inovelli site is 1.19. Can someone explain, please?


@DragonKing the latest beta firmware is actually 1.22

Oh! The most recent one listed in the knowledge base is 1.19. Do we know what changes were made in 1.21 and 1.22?

Not sure on 1.22


1.22 fixed a bug for Home Assistant users. I still need to make a post about it, but it was only a couple people that were seeing it.

1. Fixed the bug that the V1 version of Protection Set Command will cause RF state of Protection to not work correctly.

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Can we have another update to the dates in the OP? Jan 15th has come and gone, and it looks like the LZW31-SN’s were in stock for a while (I got some), but are now out of stock again.

@Eric_Inovelli Any chance we can get a stock update? :slight_smile:

Update is: currently out-of-stock. :slight_smile: