Outdoor door/gate sensors

Someone needs to make good outdoor door and gate sensors. Most people have to weatherize indoor sensors. I have a new rolling gate that works with MyQ but unfortunately it doesn’t work with Wink like my garage doors do on the same system. I’m going to have to use a door sensor if I want to use the good notifications and controls offered in Wink. Would also like to add a sensor to a chain link gate leading to my front door.

Hey @NicksGarage – yeah, this is awesome timing for this suggestion too with the rollout of Z-Wave’s 700 Series which touts better range and longer battery life.

I remember this idea coming up a couple years ago when I first started asking for ideas and I was super intrigued too bc I would love them for my fence. The problem was distance/signal issues and also batteries holding up in harsh weather (it gets cold here in MI).

However, I think it would definitely be a good time to re-explore this idea simply because the 700 Series solves for most of the issues (we’ll still have to figure out the extreme temp issue, but my biggest concern was distance/signal).

I’ve seen some cool (although pretty ugly) solves for this with people using PVC pipe to encase their normal door/window sensors and adding a better magnet, but again, not too appealing aesthetically!

I also wonder if there was a way to use low-voltage or something to keep it constantly powered.

Either way, I agree, someone needs to come up with this idea. I’d love to hear everyone’s thoughts on what they’d like to see in this sensor as well (ie: build, capabilities, etc).

Thanks for starting the thread!

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My rolling gate is 70 feet from my workshop where I have a secondary Wink Hub 2. Couldn’t get the signal to reliably jump from my house to the shop, especially with the shop being a metal building. I do have a Z-wave outlet on the outside of the building. I think this kind of sensor could be larger than the ones used indoors where they need to be more discreet. I don’t have the low temperatures you suffer with (only gets into the 20s here) but I do have high heat. Got up to 116 degrees a few days last summer. Lots of days over 100 though. and mounting on a metal gate would increase those temps so would probably need a thermal break type of mounting.

I’m getting pretty decent battery life in my blink cameras with lithium-Ion batteries. Blink advertises 2 years and if you aren’t looking at them on live view much and don’t have some settings maxed out I can see that you would get that. I do live view quite a bit and most of my settings maxed out, and I’m still getting 10-15 months out of a set of batteries. Maybe a small micro USB OR USB-C connected solar panel?
We don’t have to cold in Texas you do, but we definitely get the heat and high humidity in the summer.