Outdoor Holiday Lights Outlet Issue

I tried to wire a Black Series On/Off in a new home and wasn’t able to. I have a switch that controls two outdoor outlets, and next to that switch is some type of GFI switch I’ve never seen before. When I wired up the Inovelli it just constantly tripped the GFI. Is there a way to do this? Pictures attached.

@DrYou - Is the GFI first in line of all the lines to the switch? IE: Does the Load coming from the GFI switch power up the Inovelli switch(es)? You sure you have the correct line/load w/ neutral setup? Meaning the neutral is present at the on/off switch. Can you TEMPORARILY bypass the GFI to see if it continues to trip IF the GFI is in fact providing line power to the switch?

@harjms Yeah the GFI is providing line power to the switch. The LINE from the old dumb switch goes right into the GFI switch.

@DrYou - It may be a sensitive GFI…I have a couple in my new home that if using an older mitre saw, it’ll trip it every time the blade “stops”. I would recommend bypassing it to see if it trips the breaker in the load panel. I’m guessing this branch isn’t the only thing on this circuit breaker? I can’t see why it would trip anything unless it’s wired wrong or causing a short between line and neutral/ground. Just make sure it’s securely fastened and no exposed shorts.

Edit: Just saw the new picture. What’s the two bunches of neutrals? Same or different branch from the load center (after GFI?)?

@harjms not sure on the two bundles, but I did try hooking the neutral for the Inovelli to each bundle and both had the same results.

Does it trip if you disconnect the load from the switch?