Outdoor outlets?

I’m looking for outdoor outlets for holiday lights. I wanted to order some from Inovelli because I want to support them (and do anything I can to help them release the fan switch/module asap lol) and I found this: https://inovelli.com/outdoor-zwave-plugs/
The only problem is, both “Learn more/Buy” links are broken.
I can’t seem to find them on Amazon either. Are they not selling anymore?
I’m also wondering how safe these things are in general (not just Inovelli’s) because there’s nothing preventing water from getting between the plug and the outlet.

Their old ones are no longer available and don’t know when the new ones will be out. Certainly not before the end of the year.

As for safety, they are outdoor rated but that doesn’t mean you can stick them underwater. Just like running an extension cord outside, you have to use common sense. I have a couple of these plus several GE ones for my holiday lights. Waiting for more Inovelli ones to come out especially if you can control the two outlets individually like you could in their old ones.