Parameter 16 Values and how to setup with ISY994 on Red Dimmer

I’ve been trying to find Parameter 16 Information for “LED STRIP EFFECT” on the RED Dimmer.

Z-Wave hub is the ISY994 (ISY994 +ZW ir Pro)… I want to do the following:

Upon a Z-Wave Door sensor or Tilt Sensor being triggered (door opens, garage door open) the Inovelli Red Dimmer’s LED Strip becomes orange, and ideally, chases or pulses.

If you can point me to a link, article with How To, or explain how to do so here, that would be great!

Tagging @EricM_Inovelli as he has an ISY. He’s going to be out of pocket until later in the week, just an FYI.

I wish I could help more, but I’m not sure at all how ISY works :confused:

OK, thanks - in the meantime can you point me to the list of parameters that are used with the Inovelli Red Dimmer for LED EFFECTS, so I can review it… There is perhaps a use-case as well?

If I recall - Off, Solid, Chase, Fast Blink, Slow Blink, or Pulse are your options.

Any chance you’re using Node-Red as well or have any interest in using it for your automations?

node-red-contrib-isy (node) - Node-RED < I believe this would allow you to get the events/configure devices on your isy hub? I’m using Home Assistant personally so not sure.
node-red-contrib-ha-inovelli-manager (node) - Node-RED < that plugin allows you to easily set notifications on the LED strip.

This may help you: Inovelli Switch Toolbox

You can go through and play around with the various settings and it should output a value for you to put in the parameter (Parameter 16).

Make sure to click on the, “Notifications” tab.

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I also have Home Assistant running on a R-Pi 4b but NO Z-Wave on it - Z-wave in my home is only on the UD ISY994i … Can I still do what you propose?

If so, Can you point me in a direction to easy to follow instructions to install it?

Oh I’m sorry, I missed that the node red inovelli plugin was specific to HA, that’s what I get for running through it quickly.

Are you just using Home Assistant for other devices or do you have it pulling the ISY devices as well?

Ultimately I’m sure I could find a way to work through both or adding node red on top of it, but if you’re using the ISY for all of your zwave config etc, I’d go with the linked site Eric shared where you can use that info right at the ISY hub. I’m not familiar with ISY so not sure what it looks like for actually sending that config option though.

Lots of great info already posted in this thread, but here is an explanation of how the value is calculated. I feel like it is posted in other locations as well, but this is the best one I could currently find.

I think it is easiest to use the calculator that was created for & by the community and plug it into whatever platform you are using.

Hi. Thanks for the reply… the issue is not calculating the number as much as Making it Work with the ISY994…
I seem to send the value but it makes no difference… Are there some Parameters that are sent by the ISY994 that are “Simply Not Received” by the Dimmer?

another example is: I can set the LED Off Level from the ISY994, BUT when I try to change the colour, it makes no difference… It remains Blur regardless what Value I send.

ISY994 firmware 5.3.0… in case that makes a difference