Periodic Energy Reports - time interval or percent change bug?

This is not a huge issue, but seems to be an anomaly that I’m seeing and may be a possible bug in the switch firmware.

I have the Periodic Report Time period set to the max 32767 which should be about once every 9 hours. I also have Parameter20 Energy Report Percent Change set to the default of 10 which should only send a report if it changes more than 10%
However, I’m getting them every 3 hours and 38 minutes.

At first I thought Parameter19 Periodic Reports Time Period wasn’t working correctly. But I noticed that the Energy value is changing by 1/10 of 1% (0.1%) each time. It also happens to be 0.010 kWh difference each time.

It should only report with a change of 10% but appears to be reporting with a change of 0.1% So I’m thinking there is a bug in Parameter20 (and possibly Param18 also) where its off by a factor of 100. (Programming errors like that are not uncommon when dealing with percentages.)

I’m going to try some other percentage values for Param20 and see if it follows the pattern of being off by a factor or 100 (i.e. is a value of 5 a change of 5% or 0.05%)