Philips LED Warranty and Inovelli not on the Compatible Dimmer List


I had a few Philips LED bulbs burn out on me recently and so I started a warranty claim with Philips to get them replaced. As part of the process, I needed to submit pictures of the light fixture, model number of the light switch, receipt, etc. After a few days my claim was rejected because I am not using a dimmer that is on the Philips “Compatibility List”. By using my existing dimmer, Philips called it “misuse”. Annoying but not the end of the world.

This brings me to my question about how switch manufacturers, such as Inovelli, can get themselves on these types of lists? Does Philips (or other LED manufacturers) have a certification program? Or is it something more informal? Can Inovelli simply donate a couple switches and Philips will do their own internal testing? Just wondering after going through my failed warranty claim because I suspect other LED manufacturers probably have similar warranties.