Plug-in zwave outlet recommendations

I’m looking for a zwave hockey puck style plug in zwave outlet. I have a couple wifi ones but looking for zwave.

So far I’ve found the Neo NAS-WR01ZU and Minoston B08FM3NFCP. The Neo is rated to 13A and the Minoston is 10A. I’m only running led Xmas lights so either provide adequate power.

Any other recommendations?

I don’t have either of these, but Fibaro and Dome both make them. 15A and 13A respectively. Check .

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I’ve been happy with the Leviton DZPA1 - simple zwave outlets. I have two, and I like there is a physical switch to also control. Think of it like the physical part of your light switch - crucial if the zwave part goes out. It also has an Identify feature, blinking the light so you know which one is being controlled.

I also use it as a zwave repeater (don’t buy a repeater-only device, get some add’l value here!)

I can’t see a marking difference, but that physical control button only works on my “newer” one from a 2019 order. One I got from ~2017 doesn’t work that way.

If someone has bought this and likes another brand, I’d appreciate hearing it.


I’ll second the Leviton plugs. On mine, the z-wave logo has plus on the newer ones. If you get these, make sure you buy the plus versions (especially on Hubitat). There are still a few sellers that have the old non-plus they are trying to get rid of.

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I have used the GE Enbrighten models for years, they work solid. I have had my Christmas tree on it for many years now with no issues.

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I picked up the leviton outlet. Very easy to pair. On/off button is convenient and it is zwave plus.

I’ll throw in a vote for the Zooz ZEN06- it’s a bit bigger than your normal plug-in, but it’s closest to an Inovelli product in terms of feature set. Full 15 amp capacity (I run a plug in heater no problem). It has full energy monitoring (volts/amps/watts/total usage), and overload protection so it’ll shut off if you pull too much power. It has an LED ring (by default dim purple is off, when on it goes blue-green-turquoise-yellow-red-purple to indicate power draw of 0-15 amps, but it can also be controlled by Z-Wave), and two USB ports (2.4 amp and 1.0 amp).

Price is nice at about $35. And if you ever need help their support department responds really quickly via e-mail, super friendly people.

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