Poll: Config Button Settings Usage

  • Use always
  • Use often
  • Rarely used
  • Never used

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I’m interested in other people using the config button for settings changes. I know this was a huge selling point upfront and sets Inovelli apart from other brands (among many MANY other larger factors for me) but the more and more I get used to the switch the less and less I find myself seeing this as a value-add when other features may not “fit” into the switches memory.

Curious, do you use the config button to change the switch settings?

Can you clarify what you mean by settings changes? It could mean a couple of things such as:

  • Changing the settings on the switch itself
    • Joining the zwave network - Used every time
    • Changing the ramp rate - Used Rarely
  • Selecting a mode via automation. I.e. put the theater room into movie mode - Used Often
  • Changing a not often used external setting - i.e. Change my color bulbs color and then use the switch like a normal switch- Used Sometimes

I do like having the option of using it in different ways and not sure what benefit removing the feature would have.


I never use the configuration button for anything but include/exclude and factory reset. That said, I would like to see it become available for several scenes when removing scenes from the paddles to have instant on. I also need some of those shorter printed config buttons though. I have found when your switch is usually turned on from around the corner behind it gray you hit the config button more than you hit the paddle.


Purely for changing parameters. Not required components like range checks, resets, joining, etc.

I’ve only used the config button from the setup perspective for include/exclude, range check (once) and factory reset. I haven’t felt like learning the black magic that is on device configuration.

That said, I do use it heavily for triggering scenes. I really wish the black series would support that just for the config button. You know give you a small taste of the potential in the red series :wink:

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Likewise; no more than include/exclude & reset.
If you’re using one of the supported hubs & are OK managing the custom device handlers, anything else is much easier through those.
I did see one “use case” in the forums for no hub; testing wiring during new construction - so would use the neutral & 3-way switch type settings.

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THIS…100% this. That would be amazing!!! @Eric_Inovelli potential firmware update maybe for the black series!!! :smiley: