Poll: Smart Bulb Positioning

Hey all,

If you have a free moment, would you mind answering this question below if you use smart bulbs (regular A19/E26 style bulbs).

Where are your smart bulbs installed in your house?

  • Floor/Table Lamp
  • Ceiling Mounted
  • Other (if other, please comment)

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Unfortunately there wasn’t a both option. Half of mine are in lamps of some kind, the others are in fixtures. Now, if every bulb were smart, there’d be more in fixtures, about 13 out of 18. That’s exciting smart LED strip lights, too, which I have in some old florescent fixtures.


Most of mine are in ceiling fixtures (the tunable white bulbs), but my RGB bulbs are in floor canisters (so they direct their light onto the walls behind them). And most of all of them are BR30 bulbs, but I also have a few A19.

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Most of my A19/E26 are in closets, though I have a few in the basement now that I think of it…

Outdoor lights, and one closet, as these are the only locations where I have 1 bulb : 1 switch (and, for my front door, where I want RGB control) - everywhere else a smart switch makes more sense.

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Both, as well as outdoor fixtures.

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I use mine in three outdoor lamps. Two in metal hood style fixtures, and one in a hanging glass globe.
The metal hoods are in direct rain (bulbs dry obviously, but minimal protection).
The glass globe is under a covered patio.
Seattle proper, so damp, cold, occasional freezing. They SHOULDNT work very well, but honestly they work great.
One Inovelli color changing bulb, Two ‘generic’ color changing bulbs. Might be Aeotc, dunno.
I have 5 other inovelli bulbs slated for my listening room, but for a number of reasons we’re just sticking with white in there for now.

I would love to see some zwave recessed led can type lights. I’ve got 40+ in my house that I’d change out in a heartbeat.

D all of the above.
I’m just sad bc I want inno bulbs in ALL my fixtures and with the drop of current zwave bulbs and having 6 of mine go bad I now have to switch some fixtures and things around and figure what other bulbs I should switch to…
Unless more are coming….

All of the above, that depends of the light, if i need colors, it can be everywhere. if it’s not abot color, it’s only where i have no choice (light of a fan)