Power consumption of no-load Inovelli Red Series Dimmer Switch

The moment I opened the box for my new LZW31-SN, I knew I had made the right choice. The documentation included in the box was above and beyond the documentation included for other Z-wave device (or many other devices in general). Great work on this product!

My wiring has a neutral. I’ve installed this as a no-load switch (it’s associated with a LZW30-SN). It looks like the Inovelli dimmer draws some power even without a load connected (after about 36 hours, it seems to have consumed 0.1 kWh). Granted this is a very small draw, but is comparable to a Raspberry Pi running all month. While I recognize that there is some power draw to be expected, it seems a bit high for a no-load configuration. Or, is this expected for any device that has a Z-wave chip and LED bar? Is there any setting I can toggle to reduce the power consumption? Would disabling the relay help?

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It looks like they have a fix for this in the latest dimmer firmware v1.52. From the release notes “ Fixed: Solve the problem that the power measured by the light is 5W when the load is not connected (caused by inaccurate power measurement at extremely low power consumption).”

I have two dimmers with no load and can confirm the reported power consumption is 2W now with the 1.52 firmware whereas they reported 5W running previous versions.

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Nice! I checked and the version of the firmware on the dimmer is 1.48. I will update it.

Out of curiosity, is the standby power consumption of the LZW31-SN really 2W? That seems quite high!

No-load (not connected to any bulb) power draw on my LSW31-SN is 0.5 watts as measured by a kill-a-watt meter

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Definitely much more reasonable! Perhaps the 2W is the noise floor of the internal measurement.