Practical Question - do I need 3 Inovelli dimmers and an on/off switch?


I will preface all of this by saying I am very new to home automation. Also, I recognize ahead of asking this question that the answer really boils down to my personal preference. However, I am asking so that I can get a few other perspectives. I have a box in my basement with 4 switches (see picture). 3 are on switch dimmers and 1 is just a regular switch. I’d like to keep the same set up with the 1 regular and 3 dimmers. My question is, would you replace all of the switch dimmers with Inovelli dimmers and then the regular switch with an Inovelli on/off? Aesthetically I think this will look the best, which is definitely a factor I am taking into consideration. However, this also seems to be a little bit of overkill for my basement, as I don’t have a ton of lights. In the crude picture attached you can see how they are coupled I, II, and III.

Lastly, is there a good place to find compatible Inovelli face plates for different switch set ups?

Thanks in advance for the help!

Yes that’s exactly right, unless you want to merge the zones together (which doesn’t look like a great idea with your fixture layout, controlling all 3 separately will be a plus) you’ll want 3 dimmers and an on/off.
3 circuits may seem like overkill but for this setup imagine the scenes you could make- a ‘Watch TV’ scene where the couch lights dim to 50%, the TV lights dim to 25%, and the lights near the camera stay at 75%.

Remember- Red Series adds scene control (you can multi-tap the switch or press the config button to trigger scenes on your hub), LED notifications (remotely set the LED strip color and pattern to notify you of other things, IE if the garage door is open), and energy monitoring of the connected lamps. Black series doesn’t have those features. Personally I suggest go Red, but you do you.

You could merge all these onto one or two dimmers if you are using LED bulbs, which would make a cheaper installation. But I think controlling each zone individually will be very cool with scene control even if it’s useless with dumb switches.

Inovelli switches use standard Decora style switch plates. I personally like the look of screwless plates but the normal screw ones work fine.

Thank you sir!

Do you know how close the colors are of the screw on faceplates to the Inovelli switches?

I had the same question.

Sorry, I can’t speak to that. I use the ‘Leviton Decora Plus Screwless Wallplate’ and that seems to match.